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Our Team

That includes you AND your team. We play nice in the sandbox.

People First

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Great businesses fail to make enough money.

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Accomplishing our work professionally, means being consistent. From timelines to honest assessments. We must deliver.


Reliable goes beyond consistency. We must be able to complete the right job, in the right time frame, and in the right way.


"I will persist until I succeed." We will diligently fulfill our duties as we drive incredible results. Our persistence is tenacious.


People need our help, but they also need our support. We patiently attend to the needs of those we serve, especially when it's uncomfortable.


Love is the foundation of everything we do. We express love to everyone we work with. Our service transcends fear and duty. We are inspired by love.


If you could activate the full potential of your business, what might be possible for you? This is the guiding question that drives our passion and purpose at First Class Business. We exist to serve the potential we see in business organizations around the world.

Of course, unlocking your full potential requires execution. And execution requires a team who can bring your vision to life.

Consider us a part of that team. From high-level strategic planning to detailed reporting dashboards, our team extends your reach to achieve goals faster.

We are not just a team of doers. Nor are we simply a team of coaches for high-level business strategy. We are both, integrated into one seamless battering ram designed to crush the obstacles that stand between you and the full potential of your biggest dreams.

First Class Business is founded on the principle that we can help you achieve sustainable revenue by partnering with you at a higher level than you would typically find among business consultants. We come alongside you like a business partner who can help you form a strategy at the highest level but then ALSO help with the process of execution, measurement, and adjustment as needed to see the vision through.

This rare combination of high-level service is designed to supercharge your goals as we make your vision our own. Invite us into your world and let’s work together to unlock the full potential of your own first class business.


If you’d like to speak to our references, do not hesitate to ask. And don’t forget. Your experience will be what matters.

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