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Thomas LeMaguer
“Jackson and I sat down and I set a crazy goal of cracking the top 50 fastest growing startups in Canada. We’d have to make $180K per month from September-December. We had barely made $186k TOTAL from January to August… In addition to guiding the team with me, he designed our entire Client Onboarding and Fulfillment process and we crossed the finish line by $57 with everyone’s hard work and a ton of Vitamin C that last week. Number 51 must be pissed, but we’re stoked, and he earned his equity in the agency!”
Thomas LeMaguer
eRational Marketing
f5 logo
“FCB's CRO methodology helped us break company records across the board 3 months in a row in a down market. Our call center went from 1% live transfer rate to 4%. Our operational systems were streamlined, but had many broken components. Like the 12,000 emails that triggered but never sent. They came in and fixed that along with dozens of other nuances that were distracting me from focusing on greater growth initiatives. While our competitors struggled, we had a secret executive team guiding us outside the box!”
Ryan McCallister
F5 Mortgage
“Not only did FCB help us to scale our marketing and our vision, they took the time to train our daughter on video production making an impact on our family that's priceless. Yes, we've expanded from around 60 or so 5-star google reviews to 700+, we've moved into a bigger office space, and now have multiple dentists when we used to be a small mom and pop when we started with them. We broke free of a dental marketing coaching program, that bottle necked our growth and built a brand that we and our community are proud of!”
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Dentist and Orthodontist

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