How Video Power Marketing Achieved 3x Revenue Growth and Scaled Responsibly

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How Video Power Marketing Achieved 3x Revenue Growth and Scaled Responsibly

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Video Power Marketing is easily one of the greatest video advertising companies in the online marketing space and has been since prior to working with Jackson of First Class Business.

Having first been crowned as 1 of just 10 “YouTube Ambassadors” by the founder of YouTube and then presented on stage as the “YouTube advertising expert of the world” by Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer, it’s safe to say Jake Larsen knows his stuff and has a Midas touch for growth.

So when Jackson joined Video Power, what was needed?

Systems and structure.

Behind the scenes, Jake had a three man show. Himself and two interns. Both interns had never held a real job before.

The goal was to turn Video Power Marketing from a larger-than-life, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants basement influencer into a full-fledged agency at scale.

Sure, legal agreements with world-renowned companies like NordicTrack may or may not have been restructured by the “legal team” just fine on a ping pong table in-between golf, jam sessions, and snowboarding, but Jake knew that the next level required infrastructure.

Jake sought insight from an entrepreneur who could fully immerse himself behind the curtain.

The Challenges

Two interns, no executive team members and a first time entrepreneur.

Learning the art of Advertising from top to bottom (i.e. funnels, mediums available, ROI vs ROAS, attribution modeling).

Campaigns were bottlenecked in Infusionsoft.

Incomplete internal metrics were available, but not utilized, and contained incomplete data.

Some clients were scaling successfully, but we weren't fully certain as to why or how to prove it.

Pre-qualification was extensive, but limited to gut decisions, causing unnecessary stress.

Jake was bottle-necked managing a maximum of 5 clients.

The Solutions

  • Train Jake to become a CEO
  • Fulfill role as COO
  • Train two interns to leap from… well… interns to Executive Leaders asap (or replace them quickly).
  • Create Organization Board
  • Streamline the Client Onboarding Process
  • Transition Discover Calls from Jake Larsen to Jackson Calame
  • Transition Strategy Session Calls from Jake Larsen to Jackson Calame
  • Transition Client Reporting calls from Cooper/Jake to Jackson, supported by Cooper handling data-rich questions only.
  • Create and Host Weekly Department Meetings (document processes as we go)
  • Evaluate and maximize traffic sources
  • Heavy site traffic blog source
  • Speaking engagements (live events and podcasts)
  • Create “Special Guest Hangout” for Strategic Partners (make them a shining star, infiltrate their networks)
  • Diversify the business model
  • Optimize and scale existing courses
  • Launch Channel Management service
  • Launch DWY Coaching Program


  • 3X revenues within 18 months.
  • First class client onboarding process completed, with natural reinvestment (upsell) points built in to maximize revenue per client and ensure best results possible.
  • Improved client lifetime value (VPM is still working with each core client to this day as of February 2022)
  • One such B2C client has scaled from 8 locations to more than 40 locations nationwide.
  • Strategic partnerships achieved with LeadPages, Proposify, etc.
  • From 3 employees to 10+
  • Attribution modeling enhancements, including adoption of ROAS and view-thru conversion tracking for enhanced client performance.

DISCLAIMER: Jake Larsen will forever be considered a brother, a friend, and a mentor to Jackson Calame. Jake remains, to this day, the best example of what a father should be and a trusted advisor for Jackson. By no means does First Class Business claim to have made these victories on VPMs behalf – this was very much a team effort. And, it should be acknowledged that growth occurred with our fair share of hiccups and learned lessons along the way. One of the greatest lessons we learned is that it is not our responsibility to own or control the vision of the creator. It’s our objective to support your vision and your legacy. It’s our job to help you to determine the extent to which you’d like to build it, inspire you to strive to be your best self, and then to maximize growth. However, we should always do so while respecting your needs, your desires, and your dreams.

Further into the details of diversification


The Challenges

  • 70,000+ sub-niche visitors per month were resulting in nearly $0 cash flow!
  • Video Power had a semi-relevant, $200 course that had only sold twice in more than 2 years.
  • VPM had only one service: High-end, monthly YouTube Ads management.

The Solutions

  • Reposition the semi-relevant course as a high-value, low-investment tripwire.
  • Create CTAs throughout the high-traffic page to incentivize the sub-niche to take action.
  • Adjust the course price from $200 to $1, creating purchases and brand ambassadors.

The Results

  • VPM’s web designer settled on a $7 price point instead of a $1 price point, severely limiting conversions, however, the strategy was indeed implemented and Video Power maintained a new cash flow of $500-$1,500 per month moving forward.

Onboarding client victories

When NYTimes Best-selling author and CEO of multi-billion dollar ViSalus, Ryan Blair, onboarded for his second book launch, he experienced VPM’s onboarding process firsthand.

Towards the end of the call, Ryan interrupted Jake.

Ryan: “Jake, who designed your onboarding experience?”

Jake: “… Jackson.”

Ryan: “Damn. This is badass.”

Needless to say, Ryan was very happy that we handled his book launch.

LaserAway Maxed Out their Scale until...

LaserAway had an on-point Facebook advertiser that pushed Video Power’s capabilities to its limits.

They weren’t scared to invest at scale, had a tremendous video producer in-house, yet every optimization we tried for 3 months couldn’t generate the return we were all hoping for.

Disappointed, yet determined, the scientific method led us to one final tweak – and you guessed it – boom! We unlocked the CPA desired.

That said, victory was short-lived as we couldn’t scale!

Through weeks of research and persistence into the subject of “attribution” (which we simply had little familiarity with – Jake as a viral, brand-heavy advertiser, and Jackson as a “guerilla marketing” bootstrapped-growth champion that avoided ads like the plague prior to VPM) we uncovered the painstaking reality that we were grossly under-calculating the value of our services!

While this seems like a silly problem, there’s nothing silly about our clients feeling confused, stuck, and unable to trust their ongoing methods of growth. If we couldn’t resolve that, it would lead to stagnation and cancellation. Or replacing the team internally which wouldn’t likely resolve the problem.

The good news is that LaserAway listened as we proposed new variables related to View-Thru Conversions to assist with calculating CPA. Todd, the owner, still had difficult decisions to make regarding his new CPA, however, through strategic guidance he was able to maximize his reach by lowering his CPA requirement that was based on inaccurate thresholds.

Did it work? Over a two year time period, LaserAway expanded from 8 locations to more than 40 locations. They scaled their YouTube ads considerably, and as far as we know, continue to work with Video Power to this day.

First Class Business believes firmly that an expert isn’t defined by someone who “knows it all”. On the contrary, an expert is well aware of their limitations, and is willing to seek the answers necessary to resolve the problem and find excellent solutions. Our role to assist with company growth is often achieved through the research and actions that aren’t quantifiable and that extend beyond the scope of work at hand.

Strategic partnerships (syphoning high-quality traffic)

If anyone tells you they aren’t utilizing your network, they’re naïve or manipulating you.

We love and cherish our partners and we WANT them to grow by providing their value to our network.

At Video Power Marketing, we created a “Special Guest Hangout” (via Google Hangouts) and created the supporting email series / invitations so that service providers who had an audience that could benefit from our services, would announce their interview with their client base, in order to check out our services.

  • The service provider had a unique opportunity to utilize VPM to show us off as a valued customer of theirs.
  • The service provider also gave their audience a unique view into their personality and virtues, otherwise not uncovered.
  • The service provider didn’t have to customize the invitation (we took care of it, allowing us to also ensure the benefits were clearly articulated and that the nurturing funnel was maxed out).
  • This also created a unique opportunity to “pitch the provider”, or invite them to become a client. 
  • One such provider wanted to enroll in a far greater partnership with Video Power Marketing which wasn’t in line with the needs of our brand.

With Jake’s blessing, Jackson began working directly with the entity mentioned in the last bullet point and owns 1% for serving as interim COO. The moral of the story is that the strategic creation of the medium produced powerful results because of the quality of our execution.

The fruits and value of all well orchestrated strategies are as extensive as a vineyard is to a farmer.

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“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Take a look through the value we’re providing and the quality of visionaries we work with, and you’ll get a great idea of how much we care about your success.

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