Comparing Types of Advertising and Marketing Agencies​

Advertising spans dozens of marketing opportunities both online and offline in today’s complex world. 

Meanwhile, the agencies that are supposed to guide you through the chaos and provide great service to your organization fall in one of two buckets:

They are either “Contenders” or “Pretenders”. 

Agencies that overhype online marketing and the digital world only do your brand a disservice as they contribute to the noise because they’re scared to see the forest through the trees.

These agencies pretend to “know it all” in order to keep you from responsibly evaluating your options.

How can they effectively convince you to pay for social media marketing if you’re distracted by billboard advertising, but they know nothing about it?

So what do they do?

They mudsling.

“Traditional marketing is dead!”

“The 90’s called and they want their mailer back!”

Ironically, traditional marketing often BEATS their online marketing efforts, but they turn a blind eye.


Because as they say, “When you start to sell hammers, everything looks like a nail.”

Don’t get stuck with an agency that doesn’t understand proper brand marketing strategy.

Strategy leads to victory!

And yes, at First Class Business, we start everyone off with a series of evaluations.

Proper R&D drives tremendous results.

First Class Business has access to both online and traditional methods of marketing and advertising.

Disclaimer: Please be aware, that we’re honest and open about having an obvious bias based on our strengths and experience. Any marketer that would claim otherwise is either ignorant or a liar. 

So beware of who’s opinion you trust, because the agency world is full of “pretenders” and there are far fewer “contenders” – but this is your livelihood we’re talking about! 

Most agencies aren’t Predators.

They’re more like Dodo Birds that have a short life span.

The reality is, whether you need a website, a billboard, business cards, or online ads, First Class Business has the resources, the connections, and most importantly the experience necessary to empower your business with a first class plan for success.

The more your business is struggling, the more time and money that you likely need to invest. So don’t expect business to be a cake walk.

Ask the 96% of business owners who fail within 10 years.

Is that what you want?

If not, it’s time to level up your strategy and work as hard and smart as the 4% who are the true bread winners.

Your strategy must include a highly valuable service or product, centered around the right audience, with an irresistible offer, and be built to scale.

That’s a complex formula to get right!

First Class Business will make sure that happens or we’re going to turn you away before you even get started.

Keep in mind, that we’re not here to be “yes men”.

We will tell you no.

We won’t support your bad ideas.

We won’t launch campaigns that are off track just because you ask us to or you, “heard it works”. 

We won’t launch if we can’t see a clear path to victory with one exception…

If your brand is struggling, but you have a massive budget to work with and you can bear the burden of the risk responsibly, then we can help you save your ship.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall applies to business as well.

Whether your business is young and promising or needs salvaged our policy is simple.

Our policy: Don’t sink the ship.

It’s very rare that a brand approaches us with the “best strategy” or “smartest marketing decisions” already in their brain.

Why would you be looking for growth solutions if you already knew how to do it?

Odds are, you need more help than you are willing to admit. 

You’re likely under-estimating several realities regarding the development and launch of one or more components required for your campaign to be a success. 

And if not, at least you know we’re a team that refuses to leave any stone unturned. 

Maybe you’re that ideal client: you already have years of maturity with marketing and advertising and you’re looking for a team that you can finally trust to hand your department off to in order to scale more effectively or move into new areas of your legacy.

At any rate, we expect you (as a prospect) to fully evaluate what you’re getting yourself into because working with our team is like working with a first class car mechanic (not the every day type). We don’t need you hovering over our shoulder, telling us what needs fixed, what parts you want us to use, where to order them, and how to do our job.

“Respectfully speaking, get out of our garage.”

You’re welcome to see how we do what we do and learn some of the trade from us, but we do expect you to honestly tell us about the status of your “vehicle”, what you’ve put it through, and what you want to achieve with it. And then get out of the garage and let us go to work. 

We’ll be ultra clear about what’s possible, what we need, why we need it, and what timeline to expect your results on. 

This is a partnership approach to service built on mutual respect and well-earned trust. 

Not a “servant to master” correspondence like most agencies succumb to.

If you’re truly a first class business with first class values and you’re looking to hire a first class growth team, then study up or call us.

Let’s make your brand a dominant force to be reckoned with!

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