Your application has been submitted to First Class Business. 

First Class Business is considering dozens of new potential applicants each week, and we’re looking to bring on the best of the best! 

Individuals who are… 

  1. TEAM oriented. 
  2. Focused on causes that are greater than themselves. 
  3. Dedicated to serving customers and doing what is best for those they speak with. 
  4. Capable of inspiring people and motivating them to be their best selves. 
  5. Effective in helping others overcome their limiting beliefs and recognizing their opportunities to grow and doing so with love, kindness, and candidly when necessary. 
  6. Guardians only allow prospects to move forward who have great intentions. 
  7. Willing to put relationships over revenues at all times. 
  8. Accepting and understanding of the weaknesses of others. 
  9. Passionate about becoming their best self. 
  10. Eager to become tremendous followers because you recognize that the best leaders are also the best followers, when proper leadership is in place.

If you aced the application and like what you see, you have 4 phases prior to receiving an “Onboarding Offer”: 

  1. A Pre-Recorded Demo (10 min) 
  2. An In-person Interview (15 min) 
  3. A Live Roleplay Interview (20 min) 
  4. The Final Executive Interview (60 min) 

Be yourself. Enjoy the process. Authenticity is key.

Here’s your next step:

Best of luck in the next round,

The First Class Business Team

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