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What is the Academy?

This is

This is unlike the stale programs by "marketing bros".

Open access for you AND your team!

My team gets access, too?

You bet they do, and they need it!

Too many entrepreneurs try to do it all alone.

Too many team members guess their way forward without proper guidance.

No wonder they’re struggling!

And probably unhappy…

Why are there so many unhappy people in the workforce?

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, unravels a painful truth that’ll blow your mind about the 3 identities that fight within you as a business owner.

You have a constant internal battle between your personal identity as “The Entrepreneur”… “The Manager”… and “The Technician”…

Because you simply don’t know how to do it all.

So how are you supposed to know what training your team members need?

And if you’re supposed to be delegating responsibilities, that you don’t know very much about yourself…

Well, that sounds like a recipe and formula for near certain disaster.

Hence why the majority of businesses fail.

This is your opportunity to join the movement.

What movement?

The movement to change education as we know it, for entrepreneurs and professionals.

The movement to level the playing field for the 7 BILLION great people on this earth who lack the knowledge and resources that they need to succeed.

The movement to help honest, hardworking professionals overcome the challenges that they currently face alone.

For now though, simply stay focused on the entrepreneurship and leadership courses we’re providing you, because you gotta start with the man in the mirror.

This is about LEGACY. Not just a trillion dollar industry.

You see, I’ve been studying the course world for a long time. 
That’s what you do as a college drop out. lol
I’ve also run campaigns for some of the best out there. I’ve made friendships and gained insider information from thought leaders like Tracy Childs of Wishlist Member, where he hosts more than 109,000 membership courses. 

That’s a lot of data! 

I’ve followed his protege, Stu McClaren, who has an incredible program on scaling successful courses. 

Mike Weiss, of Client Engagement Academy, actually built out the gamification processes for Digital Marketer before they became what they are today. 

And yes, I added my two cents to help Jake Larsen, of Video Power Marketing, launch his courses, not to ignore the campaigns we ran for Lewis Howes of School of Greatness, Billy Gene Marketing, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, Michael Hyatt, T. Harv Eker, Dr. Eric Berg, and many more.
Funny enough, I haven’t yet shared this vision, or what I’m up to, with any of them. 

Partially because they’re busy building out their own empires. And partially because I’m excited to see their reaction when they organically come across what I’ve been building up and say, “Whoa. Did the same guy who worked behind the scenes on our projects really just build that skyscraper of an academy?!” It’ll be a fun day when I get the congratulatory calls – and to be fair – I couldn’t have built this without seeing behind the scenes of every mentor I’ve ever followed. I owe each of them a huge thanks.
So imagine that day, when the Academy of First Class Businesses reaches the tipping point. YOU are now an insider. And YOU are standing by my side as my mentors get excited! They’ll be STOKED to see what we’re building and you know that they’ll know?

They’ll recognize how YOUR success ties to THEIR success. They’ll know how YOU fit into the value of what they currently offer. It’ll be a huge WIN-WIN-WIN day for all of us, but there’s hard work to be done in the meantime!
In all reality, I also wouldn’t be surprised if a few of my mentors feel threatened by what we’re building. 

That’s just the nature of the game though. 

You might be a Champion on an amateur level, but only a pretender on the next. Any athletes come to mind who looked promising for the big leagues? Entrepreneurs are no different.

This is why, at First Class Business, we sift through the Pretenders in search of Contenders. 

What about you? Are you a pretender? Or a contender?

Contenders work together to edify all, while pretenders only work for personal gain.
There’s plenty of both in the market, so my advice is to focus on connecting with Contenders and simply ignore the Pretenders. 

Scams are a dime a dozen.

We all know there’s a dark side of courses and online influencers that should we should be informed of though.
I’ve seen the dangers of the FCC and we pay close attention to the scams and over-promising courses that exist out there. 
We want NOTHING to do with overhype.
Some of these “marketing bros” … or individuals… and fancy looking programs may have their “quick rise to fame”, but the fall will be devastating for most of them. What a shame, too.
You know, it’s not fun to see someone fall. But it’s also not cool to recklessly build a vision where you over-promise and under-deliver.
How is it fair to hurt your followers as you scale your own success and use them as collateral damage?
That’s borderline criminal and 100% irresponsible.
And yes, we’ve all seen many good leaders and courses give up – or crash and burn – all on their own – along the way, too.

But the proof of the model... is in the University.

Can you imagine how awkward it could have been to be the FIRST University Graduates EVER? 
It’s year 1088.
You just completed the University of Bologna (no joke!) 
“Uhhh… Professor… so this piece of paper should hang on my wall? And in 900 years, everyone will care?” 
I bet the world around them laughed in their faces!
Yet, fast forward and now universities are one of the most profitable industries on the planet and it’s no wonder.
Many professionals practically worship that piece of paper on their wall!
Parents on social media, “Congratulations to my son! He just got accepted to OU!” <- Where he’ll take out loans of more than $200,000 that he’ll never be able to pay back! “I’m such a proud parent!”
And yet there are more than 25,000 universities worldwide.
With nearly 4,000 Universities in the USA alone.
And yet they STILL THRIVE.
So if you think the “online course world” or “consultant world” is saturated… you are dead wrong.
It’s the most ignorant statement I hear coaches make weekly: Everyone’s a coach these days, so there’s no room for me in the market.
Oh brother. Cry me a river!
Let’s FIX that limiting belief.
Do we need more math teachers in this world?
I bet your answer was a resounding YES.
So open your eyes to the VAST opportunity and learn to become valuable.
And as a business owner, stop penny pinching and learn how to recognize great coaches and consultants.

The standard for online education is in its infancy.

The standard is being set right now. 

And by less than 500 programs in a world of 7 billion.
And Universities don’t want to admit it, but online platforms are already eating their lunch. 
I witnessed this in a similar industry during the 2010’s, where newspapers all over the country were put out of business because traditional print ads gave way to a more powerful form of ads: digital marketing.

Most local newspapers simply couldn’t compete with the online world.

The strong newspapers survived and thrived.


By evolving to digital and embracing their adversary.

Sadly, the weak newspapers may not even make the local history books in 100 years.

But on the bright side, history is ours for the making!

The harvest has begun and that's great news for the people.

April 2015

LinkedIn purchased Lynda.com for $1.5 billion dollars and rolled out LinkedIn Learning.

April 2015

June 2017

Facebook CHANGES its entire mission – to focus on communities.

  • What’s the central component and primary value of a university?
    • It’s NOT the materials. It’s BELONGING to the Alma Mater. It’s the community.
    • Most financially successful individuals agree that, “Your network IS your net worth”.
June 2017

October 2020

Meta (Facebook) invested $150 million dollars in Coursera and EdX, not to mention the BILLIONS they’ve pumped into their own course infrastructure and Oculus.

October 2020

And this is just the beginning of an industry boom that will change the world.

The prosperity and the journey that lays ahead is going to be enjoyed by many!

I hope you take this as seriously as we do.

I hope you decide to join us.


A revolution can be thwarted.


This change of education will occur with or without you.

And for your benefit.
Now, if your application is accepted, we look forward to having you by our side as we join the ranks of great leaders who are liberating our planet.
Liberation is simply a term for freedom.
And freedom begins with knowledge.
Pure knowledge, is called truth.
What better reference than “the good book” itself, to understand the full power of this evolution?
The reality that online education is now accessible, for free, to billions of people who’ve never had access to it prior to today’s day an age is a miracle.

"And the truth shall set you free." John 8:32

You weren’t sent this invitation by accident. 
You were chosen.
We see your potential as a worldwide leader.
We look forward to reviewing your application as a Founding Member of the Academy of First Class Businesses.
We hope you take this opportunity as seriously as we do.

Because the world needs better leaders.

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