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Independent Contactor,
Alignment Specialist

Position Details

Job Purpose

The purpose of the Alignment Specialist is to build incredible relationships of support with prospects and clients of First Class Business by finding and consulting with influencers, coaches, and agencies, in order to provide relevant services that will lead to long-term revenue.

The scope of work consists of duties regarding, but not limited to, social media outreach, phone calls, video conference meetings, email correspondence, presentations, agreement preparation, budget projections, sales, support, networking, and utilizing operational tools effectively that will help you in this capacity. Training and continued self-driven education will be two of the most important and vital aspects of your role. You must be hungry and eager to diligently learn and progress in your capabilities to find solutions to problems and to become a master salesman. 

Ideally, you will have persistence, tenacity, and will exercise diligence in order to maintain the necessary sales metrics each month in order to participate in our programs. Your contributions and development will be appreciated, and rewarded, as pertaining to our company, as opportunities arise. Recruiting, management, operations, marketing, and training roles are examples of some of the additional opportunities at hand for peak performers.

Duties and Responsibilities

The primary job duties and responsibilities include:

  • Memorize outreach, sales scripts, etc.
  • Outbound sales, zoom consultations, and customer service.
  • Professional handling of phone conversations and presentation skills.
  • Strong desire to improve communication and questioning skills (active listening).
  • Correspond via email in a timely fashion, with clear intent.
  • Record thorough reports of prospect interactions with precise objections and next steps outlined.
  • Log follow up activities and follow through accordingly.
  • Attend meetings, ready to take notes, with the intent of accomplishing discussed agenda items diligently.
  • Set proper goals and put in the work to achieve them.
  • Rely humbly on the help and support of your leadership team and many other available mentors. Be prepared for feedback and be prepared to change your behaviors.
  • Ask questions for understanding often.
  • Complete tasks within the determined timeframe or request more time in advance.
  • Communicate clearly, openly, and honestly when projections, timelines, or forecasts cannot be met, prior to said event taking place.
  • Facebook Live, Loom Training, and Video Presentations.

Additional skills: Interviews, event coordination, project management, creative thinking skills, member relations experience, copywriting, marketing, advertising, social media basics, and bi-lingual skills are a plus.


  • Education: Love for learning + a passion for personal growth.
  • Email and phone skills
  • Great people skills
  • Strong listening skills
  • Humility and patience
  • Strong drive to help others
  • Socially proactive
  • Willing to be direct
  • Able to abide by weekly performance standards
  • Capable of receiving and respecting emotions (i.e. upset, frustrated, angry, customers / team members)
  • Appreciation of hard work
  • Recognizes that progress > perfection

Working Conditions

This job requires working from home or other virtual work spaces such as Starbucks, restaurants, co-working spaces, etc. Initially, you must provide your own home internet, phone, and computer. You may travel as you see fit, so long as it does not inhibit your work performance.

You are not an employee. While you manage your own time off, you must provide proper communication to ensure responsibilities are completed, or you may be terminated, without warning. You are not required to work set hours, and you are welcome to work according to your own desires and liberties, however, minimum performance standards must be met. Refusing to comply with company standards and under-performance will result in a loss of grace period.

Physical Requirements

We highly recommend that you consider daily stretches and yoga routines and communicate openly about needed, and desired, health measures in order to properly take care of yourself.

As a company, dedicated to helping clients, prospects, and team members achieve balance and the ability to pursue their passions and personal legacies, we encourage you to seek professional counseling, in addition to seeking spiritual and mental support, where appropriate. We are firm believers in having many coaches and mentors for our personal progression. Feel free at any time to request further guidance. We will not pressure you, or actively promote any programs, mentors, or coaches upon you. All such introductions are merely a voluntary invitation. 

On a final note, we also recommend that certain working hours be performed while on walks or while standing up (i.e. phone calls and listen-in meetings). You are in full control over your own health and physical commitments. We will remain proactively interested in your health and well-being, however, we respect your free will and choice.

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