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Project Manager / Business Manager

Project Management Role

Rockstar Project Manager / Business Manager Needed

If you are an organized, diligent person we have a large number of client projects that we need your help to streamline and provide excellent client communication so that together as a team we can accomplish our goals and provide first class service.  

Job Purpose

The purpose of Project Management ultimately boils down to extreme delegation and aligning communication. Assigning tasks and taking initiative in order to streamline processes and keep things on track, so that, internally, the business can be running as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will rely on you to help build timelines, determine what tasks need to be done in the right order, and make sure that the overall projects get done within the timeline that we set for them, making sure that we are making progress on our client projects.

The scope of work consists of duties regarding, but not limited to,communicating with clients, assigning tasks within Asana, video conference meetings, email correspondence, presentations, agreement preparation, budget projections, support, networking, and utilizing operational tools effectively. Responsible for either helping execute plans or finding other employees and contractors to carry out tasks. Communication and delegation will be two of the most important and vital aspects of your role. It’s important to us that you diligently learn and progress in your capabilities to find solutions to problems or take the initiative to find out the solution. 

Ideally you will have strong listening skills, note-taking skills, and strong interpersonal skills. And additionally be the type of person who doesn’t need people to tell you to do something twice. If there are tasks that a team member needs to complete, you will assign those tasks in asana to that team member immediately. Being a strong critical thinker who can “think outside of the box” when needed to get the clients’ projects done on time is helpful so that we can maintain processes and progress projects.


  • Education: Love for learning + a passion for personal growth.
  • Email and phone skills
  • Great people skills
  • Strong listening skills
  • Humility and patience
  • Strong drive to help others
  • Socially proactive
  • Willing to be direct
  • Able to abide by weekly performance standards
  • Capable of receiving and respecting emotions (i.e. upset, frustrated, angry, customers / team members)
  • Appreciation of hard work
  • Recognizes that progress > perfection

Experience working in project management for a digital marketing or advertising company is strongly preferred, but not required.  

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Great English communicator in writing, as well as speaking.
  • Extremely organized, and a self-starter who proactively looks for new projects to take on internally 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills (and critical thinking skills) with the ability to get responsibly fulfill on your tasks
  • Strong Experience using Asana or other Project Management software
  • Has an interest in digital advertising, and is both creative and curious
  • Willing to learn new tasks, undergo highly beneficial training, and is not easily offended
  • Has a highly motivated, energetic attitude
  • Extremely reliable and dependable, willing to go the extra mile for the company
  • Has a highly positive, no excuses attitude. 
  • Attend meetings, ready to take notes, with the intent of accomplishing discussed agenda items diligently.
  • Set proper goals and put in the work to achieve them.
  • Rely humbly on the help and support of your leadership team and many other available mentors. Be prepared for feedback and be prepared to change your behaviors.
  • Ask questions for understanding often.
  • Complete tasks within the determined timeframe or request more time in advance.
  • Communicate clearly, openly, and honestly when projections, timelines, or forecasts cannot be met, prior to said event taking place.
  • Facebook Live, Loom Training, and Video Presentations. 

Physical Requirements

We highly recommend that you consider daily stretches and yoga routines and communicate openly about needed, and desired, health measures in order to properly take care of yourself.

As a company, dedicated to helping clients, prospects, and team members achieve balance and the ability to pursue their passions and personal legacies, we encourage you to seek professional counseling, in addition to seeking spiritual and mental support, where appropriate. We are firm believers in having many coaches and mentors for our personal progression. Feel free at any time to request further guidance. We will not pressure you, or actively promote any programs, mentors, or coaches upon you. All such introductions are merely a voluntary invitation. 

On a final note, we also recommend that certain working hours be performed while on walks or while standing up (i.e. phone calls and listen-in meetings). You are in full control over your own health and physical commitments. We will remain proactively interested in your health and well-being, however, we respect your free will and choice.

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