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Celeste M
“When we were first getting our business off the ground, FCB helped us with a Facebook promotion to get maximum exposure for the budget we had. The exposure we got was extremely valuable in establishing a solid client base.

This year we repeated our efforts with FCB's help, and our business has seen a 35% increase over last year! Love those results!”
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Unnamed Client
“I was scared, but ready to invest $15,000 per month into my marketing efforts, so I did. $5,000 was to be dedicated to the website. Within 10 days, First Class Business let me know that they found a website solution that would only cost $300 per month, so the additional $4,700 could be saved or redirected towards other growth projects. I’m amazed they even told me rather than just keep the profits! We now had the R&D money to fine tune a niche marketing effort that has continued to pay dividends, I acquired another firm, and I’ve expanded in ways I hadn’t considered prior to their guidance.”
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Charlie Chang
“Jackson’s knowledge of the Moments of Truth is magnificent. As a Sales VP of IBM who’s never missed a $1+ Billion quota in more than 20 years, I’m honored to have been Chairman of the Board for one of Jackson’s companies. Our time together, before the merge, was full of purpose and execution at the highest levels. The future is bright for anyone working alongside him and his teams. We’ll enjoy a life long friendship.”
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